Microsoft Power Point Beginner to Advanced in हिंदी 2023





With help of this course, you will:

  • Increase your Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge
  • Improve your workflow and design skills
  • Learn to make custom layouts with placeholders on slide master slides
  • Reduce the time you need to complete a high-quality presentation
  • Learn PowerPoint Latest 2021 Version.
  • Be able to brand and build templates for you, your company, or your clients!

Topic you will Cover in this Course:

  1. Introduction of Power Point and Layout Information
  2. What Can we do powerpoint, Working with different type of Slide and Text formatting.
  3. Working with Bullets, Alignments, Text Direction and Convert to SmartArt
  4. Working with Table, Image and property
  5. Screenshot, photo Album, shapes SamrtArt and Chart
  6. Password insert(security control), pdf or video format change and important settings
  7. Project create using section option
  8. Working with link
  9. Working with Action
  10. Inserting Header & Footer/ Date & Time/ Symbol and /Equation
  11. Inserting Audio and Video on Slide
  12. Working with Slide Design Tab with Theme
  13. Using Different types of Transitions on Slides
  14. Using Advance Animation (Entrance and Exit)
  15. Using Advance Animation (Emphasis and Motion Path)
  16. Custom slide show and settings
  17. Hide/Show slide , Rehearse Timings and Record Narrations
  18. Convert your Presentation in Video Format
  19. Using Slide Master on new File
  20. Using Slide Master on Ready File
  21. Using Handout Master and Notes Master
  22. many more…

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Who this course is for:

  • People who want to save time and enhance their PowerPoint skills
  • Business people, teachers, students or designers wanting to create outstanding slides
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create, sell, or promote with help of animated presentations and videos


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